Thursday, June 8, 2023

Had the epidural today 06-08-23

And KoKo stayed home with Froggy.  He is very good when I leave him alone.  He barks at people who walk by (not very many) and especially at dogs.  But mostly I think he sleeps, with Froggy of course.  This morning we walked before 7am before I had to leave at 7:30am. 

My friend Dick drove me down to Irvine to the Hoag Surgical Center for Dr. Le to do his magic (I hope) again.  The last epidural was in October and the pain did not get bad again until May.  I hope this one lasts as well.  Who knows why some do better than others.  It is always an ordeal to sign in with dozens of papers explaining whatever horrible things might happen, both medically and financially.  I was surprised that nobody was wearing masks, so I didn't either.  Check in time was 8:15am, procedure scheduled for 9am, but happened about 9:45am.  All that laying on a gurney with no book, no phone, no idea when the procedure will start.  It is a drag.  They didn't put me out, just some relaxing drugs and, for the first time, oxygen.  Don't know why.  My age?  Then it was over in about 15 minutes and they hustled me out of there.  When I was home again I ate a small turkey sandwich and took my morning pills and drank an entire bottle of water.   Reclined with KoKo in my lap and slept for four and a half hours.  We did a short walk this evening so KoKo could do his business. 

No luck finding my calendar book.  I think it is gone forever.  I have a wall calendar from AARP and am filling in those little squares as I call to see what appointments I have scheduled.   And Book Groups (2) and Surfside QGuild.  I know there are some ZOOM meetings, but don't know how to figure out when they are.  A friend has almost convinced me that I need to do a calendar on my phone.  She says  that if I lose my phone I can still find my calendar in backup.  Thinking about it. 

Probably more than you wanted to know, but sometimes I just need to "talk" to someone about things in my life.  Love.

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abelian said...

I’m sorry to hear that your calendar hasn’t turned up. Do you get emails about the Zoom meetings?.

If you have an iPhone, you can set up the calendar app to synchronize with iCloud. And set the phone to back itself up to iCloud. If you lose the phone, the calendar can still be immediately accessed from any computer using a web browser, and a replacement phone can be set up using the backup. I know less about Android phones, but I believe that Google’s calendar can also be synchronized, and be available with a web browser. It’s a job to learn something new, I know!

I’m hoping the epidural helps as much as it did last time. Dottie

Loretta said...

I am sorry your important little book has not shown up! I do hope it will surprise you one day!
You seem to have your epidermal procedure and doc in perfect harmony with you! That's wonderful. Please to know KoKo still loves Froggie and they are find friends! Chat whenever you'd like...about silly things, serious life decisions, etc., etc. I too when needing to chat, sometimes I just look in a mirror and start my chat! It works a little sometimes! I do give myself a pat on the back for remaining sane in the world we are now living in! Sometimes it is exciting, but sometimes it just causes frustration! But, as is said 'that's life'! Friend, take care and give your furry friend a pat for me! Take care.

Sherrie Spangler said...

Koko looks so adorable! I hope your epidural works. Isn't it wonderful to be able to go home, eat and then nap for a few hours?