Sunday, July 31, 2022

Quilt from Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection - Jean Ray Laury 07-31-22

I have posted this quilt several times in the past and it always thrills me to have it hanging on my wall.  The late Jean Ray Laury was a very special person in the quilting world .  She moved us away from the traditional quilts and innovated many techniques that are still used today.  Many quiltmakers and art quilters have expanded on her work, but her style will always remain distinctively hers.

"Lowanda Does Hollywood" Jean Ray Laury 2001 30.5W x 33.5L

There is a striking resemblance between Lowanda and myself, but Jean Ray did not use me as a model, even though we have known each other for years. In this quilt Jean has used many of the techniques she has taught over the years -- silk screen printing, Thermofax printing, hand drawing, hand painting, foiling, piecing and machine quilting.

A very special quilt for me, made by an artist I have always respected.

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Sherrie Spangler said...

I thought that was you!!! It's a marvelous quilt!

Loretta said...

A marvelous quilt from a marvelous quilter of a marvelous quilter!!! I have always loved this quilt! Thank you Del for being you!

sonja said...

me too! simply marvelous all around!!